Download the catalogue and request prices of Logamatic By buderus, heat regulation and hygrometric control, logamatic Collection. Manuals and User Guides for Buderus Logamatic We have 1 Buderus Logamatic manual available for free PDF download: Operating Instructions . View and Download Buderus Logamatic operating instructions manual online. Logamatic Control Unit pdf manual download. Also for: Logamatic.

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Coppers pig-iron Logamatic 4121/4122

FM function module accessory. Should you require a larger amount of DHW, proceed as follows: Tell your heating contractor which temperature logamagic is faulty. Page 86 Notes Logamaticand – Subject to technical modifications. Hold down “Heating circ. Ask your heating contractor whether this function has been enabled. Selecting the 411 mode. Current functions are indicated by LEDs. Pause function 3 hours Release “Night mode”. Indicates a potentially dangerous situation which could lead to minor or moderately serious injuries or to damage to property.

Display “Mixer opens” hotter Display “Mixer closes” colder Display Heating circuit in summer mode Display Heating circuit pump operational: The newly adjusted time for the “ON” switching point is now saved. Creating a new DHW program. The control functions continue logamatid operate. When there is a risk: Turn the rotary selector clockwise without pressing any other key.

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Determine the time points so that DHW is only available when one heating circuit is in standard heating mode day mode. Your heating system comprises the boiler with burner, heating control unit, pipework and radiators. You can recognise the currently enabled heating mode because the green LED illuminates. Family program The first switching loganatic start point: You are about to leave your home logmaatic three hours and would like to heat less whilst you are away.


The switches were set to manual for maintenance purposes or to remedy a fault. The pause function starts immediately. AUT The following example shows how the switching points logamatci the standard program “Family” can be changed for the days Monday to Thursday.

The standard functions are: When the heating system is switched off, it can suffer damage from frost. To enter the next switching point e. Cleaning the control unit. LEDs indicate the current functions. Setting the operating mode for DHW circulation. There is a risk of scalding from hot water logaatic your heating contractor has set the DHW temperature higher, or has enabled the “Therm. In emergency mode, all pumps continue to run and the mixers are volt-free. Disposal Dispose of the control unit packaging in an environmentally responsible manner.

With the MEC2 programming unit, you don’t need to logaamatic the thermostatic radiator valves before bedtime or in the morning.

Logamatic 4121

DHW heating remains operational. Additional programming options 8 8.

Modules and their functions. Modules and their functions 9 9 Modules and their functions The following lists all the modules that are or can be fitted in Logamatic x control units.


Page 65 Your heating program will now operate according to your “Own program”. In emergency mode, all pumps continue to run and the mixers are volt-free.

Buderus Logamatic Manuals

Logamqtic displayed heating circuit is now selected. Isolate the heating system 421 the mains supply with the emergency stop switch upstream of the boiler room, or by removing the main fuse.

The switching point has been deleted when no blocks are left. The selected permanent display has now been saved. Only the factory-set day and night temperatures are available, which you can, however, modify New switch.

Room temperature fluctuations through radiant energy from the sun, occupants, open fireplaces or similar external heat sources are then ignored.

If you want to change a setting, e. Time switch Program select. The length of time your heating system takes to heat up individual rooms may vary. The control unit will endeavour to logamatjc the drop in room temperature by raising the flow temperature. Keyword index 14 14 Keyword index A O Adjusted outside temperature.

Setting the holiday function.