Los descubridores, tomo IV: La sociedad by Boorstin, Daniel J. and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Los descubridores IV: La sociedad by Boorstin, Daniel J. and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at The Discoverers is a non-fiction historical work by Daniel Boorstin, published in , and is the first in the Knowledge Trilogy, which also includes The Creators .

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His capital letters followed the dignified inscriptions of Augustan Rome. Howeverthis is not a conventional history but a sweeping view across more than years with many of the authors personal opinions and areas of interest providing the necessary stimulating examples to carry this multi layered narrative forward.

By recalling the favors and the tribulations that God had visited on them, Jews discovered and remembered their mission as a chosen people. He had studied ancient monuments and recent manuscripts in search of the most elegant, most legible, and most writable forms. If you are curious about how we know what we know I would recommend reading this book.

Three-and-a-half stars for the book itself, which presents the history of human thought in chapters that detail the world’s greatest discoveries, scientists and thinkers from astronomy to geography to psychology to religion and dozens of other points in between. No trivia or quizzes yet. In the early seventeenth century William Harvey overturning Galen correctly identified the functioning of the circulatory system.

This was indeed an adventure in reading. He suggests that Jews and Christians, primarily from Western Europecame to believe that the Creator wished them to unravel the secrets of His universe. I just noticed that this book was published inwhich I think is before the emphasis on multiculturalism was mainstream, so it might disappoint or even offend the more delicate people who expect a more multicultural and global focus from a historical overview.

After many voyages to the New World he never recognized it as such, still thinking he had found islands off the Asian coast. On the whole, I really enjoyed it. The erudition required to weave the multiple weaves of history into a concise umbrella is marvelous.

Preview — The Discoverers by Daniel J. Discovery in many forms is described: Some of the discoveries are scientific such as the Calculus, the atom, or Evolution. The book is full of fascinating stories of people that changed the world or the perception of it.

He was a lawyer and a university professor at the University of Chicago for 25 years. In boorstij good number of them I either found the answer to some question I had always wondered about, or found intriguing discussion of something it had never really occurred to me to wonder about — such as why there are seven days in a week, when nothing in nature dictates it.


And to need a watch, you need a reason for Time to be cut up in those pieces. He initiated peer review and the organized sharing of scientific information.

I was also happy to finally learn the name for the mythical creatures who had faces in their abdomens: It’s also interesti I listened to the audiobook of this one, which means that I need to go back and dive in deeper, but on the surface, the book was aesthetically beautiful and the conclusions pushed me to think a lot about progress, achievement, multiculturalism and the pursuit of knowledge.

Heinrich Schliemann and Johann Winckelmann established archeology; Christian Thomsen and Jens Jacob Worsaae created the concept of prehistoric time periods stone, iron, etc.

When I flipped for the first time the pages of this book, and there’s the title “Book Voorstin In whole or in parts, this book can be descubridroes and reread almost endlessly. While it’s certainly a book that expounds a great-man’s theory of history, it’s style of writing reminded me of Keegan’s History of Warfare, and I was struck by the sheer joy of following along with Boorstein’s path through modern history.

This is Boorstin’s exploration of “discoverers” – those who have pushed back the boundaries of the world in time or space those who formulated the calendar, or mapped the world, discovered new trade routes, discovered the principles of mathematics or physics or biology, etc. He not only saw through the errors of current maps but noted the vast numbers of new species.

The conflict between traditional sources descubrudores authority and liberating technologies provides An adventure story of our gradual awakening to the world through clocks, telescopes, microscopes, maps, and the printing press.

A circular letter or schedule of questions had been tried before by tax collectors and census gatherers. This is not comprehensive history but a well balanced narrative.

This book is required reading for anyone trying to understand how the world works. Jan 31, Jaysen Huculak rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sep 21, Sean Mcmillin rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Discoverers takes a strongly narrative approach to its scope of inquiry, which endeared it to me.

Los Descubridores (Spanish Edition): Daniel J. Boorstin: : Books

How a person forges a new path with insight and research and encourages those two great tasks; yet, his followers deify the thinker, create I enjoyed hearing about human ingenuity over the ages.


Even though 25 years has passed since its publication, the work does not seem to show its age as Boorstin’s positions his text in a manner to transcend our current period. During most of human history, even in Western Christendom, as we have seen, there was no uniform scheme—in fact, no scheme at all—for dating events in one place in relation to events in another place.

These general topics are related to the reader through the stories of the explorers and scientists who uncovered new lands and new knowledge, and Boorstin’s smooth writing style and talent for both panoramic surveys and detailed explanations should make the content stick in the mind a bit better than the somewhat disjointed style of most textbooks.

He goes on to coin the term pseudo-event which describes events or activities that serve little to no purpose other than to be reproduced through advertisements or other forms of publicity.

The final discoverers discussed by Boorstin, Farad This is definitely a book to review while one is reading it. I cannot imagine where else you could find, in a single volume, such a wealth of history organized so lucidly and written so engagingly. From manuscripts numbering in the thousands before Gutenberg printed his bible, within 50 years there were ten million books in print.

The book is organized into four ‘Books’. Another interesting theme was the transformation of old ideas to new; the tenacity of tradition.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Boorstin has a sense of history as an unfolding story.

The Discoverers: A History of Man’s Search to Know His World and Himself

Schlesinger, Jr and Brian Barry wrote of potential dangers it posed to a continuing liberal society. The Discoverers by Daniel Boorstin, published inis a solid, thoroughly researched and well documented series of 82 essays on the history of human discovery.

It turns out that Galen based his anatomy on inferences drawn from dissection of monkeys because dissection of human cadavers was forbidden. He became an exponent of tradition, wary of the implications of multiculturalism and along with Arthur M. It took me more than 10 years to finally read cover to cover and I’m already considering reading it again. Ptolemy has a similar influence on cartography and astronomy.