Commonly referred to as Luangpor Thong, Luangpor Thong Abhakaro is a Buddhist monk and teacher of Mahasati Meditation —a meditation method developed by his teacher, Luangpor Teean Jittasubho. Luangpor Teean, the Noble One. Luangpor Teean Jittasubho (birth name Phan Intapew) (), was born on 5th September , at Buhom village. Also the Thai monk Luang Por Teean taught a (more conservative) form of active meditation which in Luang Por Teean’s translated books is.

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But most people interested in Buddhism are still firmly attached to customary practices, such as the making of merit. Life of Luangpor Teean.

Luang Por Teean and His Dynamic Meditation

This is the same as sati — samadhi — panna. Later he moved to Chiengkhan, a larger community, where his sons could attend school. When we are aware of ourself, that is samadhi.

lluangpor The canker of being refers to being caught up in something, the word ‘being’ and ‘birth’ have deep meaning, it can mean the ‘being ‘ and birth of the body or it can mean spiritual ‘being’ and birth. The cars that passed the Owl-cliff had to stop and make offering with roasted chicken and alcohol in order to travel in safety.

They are the same. May you all be liberated in this lifetime.

For insights into the world of Awareness through luangpod comments of an Enlightened master in an easy to follow question and answer format please continue: His father died when he was young.


So where is karuna and where is metta? When we hate or we love, that is kilesa arising. Luang por trained his wife very strictly, even though he had organized a few retreats, his wife practiced without stopping, she practiced continuously without letting up, she was allowed only a very, very short break.

After the funeral was over, uncle Nohm came to see Luang por and asked about the method of practice. Late in the afternoon on his fifth day back in Loei he tewan that he was now going to die: Upekkha is the mind’s natural state. We fear papa, but why don’t we make ourself realize, so that we will be free of that fear.

Mahasati Meditation – Brief Biography of Luangpor Teean Jittasubho

He pulled down one of the hut and repaired it, making lots of noise, Luang por kept wondering when it was all going to be luzngpor. On 3rd FebruaryPor Teean decided to re-enter the monkhood in order to be in a better position to teach Dhamma and meditation. So Buddha means sati — samadhi — panna, or the mind that is clean, illuminated and calm, which exists in everybody without exception. I also like the fact that it is done with the eyes open because this makes it easier to remain mindful afterwards there is no abrupt switch between the practice and real life.

After the Buddha passed away, Ananda studied to really know himself, and therefore succeeded in attaining full Awakening. His condition was critical and it was uncertain whether he could endure through a plane-trip. But Dharma taught by the Buddha is not something that can be monopolized by anybody: Archived copy as title Articles having same image on Wikidata and Wikipedia.


When we see thought and the source of thought, will suffering and all kinds of tension end or not?

This can not be called merit because one still veers off to the right and the left and is shaken by words which are only just convention. It is like placing a rock upon the grass.

For that first retreat, about 30 to 40 people came; there were both monks any lay-people. You cannot buy non-suffering, but must practice by yourself, until it arises by itself, because it is already there. His wife already respected Luang por a lot and therefore practiced and obeyed him in everything that he would advise her.

Biography of Luang Por Teean

The elders used to tell us that Buddha taught the four satipatthana the bases of awarenessor the four major postures, which are standing, walking, sitting and lying down. When I walk on the path and the tiger comes, I can see it and avoid it.

On 13rd September at 6: We once asked about the case of Vessantara, who is traditionally held up as the very model of the perfection of generosity. Everything is sammuti supposition.

They do not concern this thing.

Such teachings are various.