Presenting the new biography of Lucille Cedercrans Schaible, Luminous Sitting, Torturous Walking including reviews of the book and information about Lucille. Lois Lucille Stickle Johnson Cedercrans Schaible. An Esoteric Psychology Profile by Victor Dutro Great Quest 02 DHY paper. Biography. Lois Lucille. The writings of Alice A. Bailey () and Lucille Cedercrans () serve as significant reference points in this effort. These teachings hold an.

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Lucille formally adopted Tibetan Buddhism for herself and pursued it luciloe her personal practice, and soon Tarthang asked her to present the teachings to interested Western students who were quickly gravitating to the Tibetan teachings.

Others there were softly chanting the Vajra Guru mantra: However, her biography claims that she did not read or have knowledge of esoteric subjects and only began to familiarize herself with them after about We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. This was not abandonment, but the joyful re-creation of our world into harmony with the Divine Plan.

During her early twenties, she began to have experiences of a mystical nature. I knew that this was Lucille reaching out to me. In the early ‘s Lucille lived in Estes Park with a small group formed to help anchor the incoming forces of synthesis. The writings of Alice A. She used to say, “I may not have lived too long, but I have lived too much. As the days passed following her death, a great feeling of emptiness grew within me.

Under the guidance of Master “R” the group was trained to hold a meditation focus that would help activate certain locations around the United States as energy centers. Mystics births deaths American Theosophists. She would throw her things into suitcases, ask someone to send on her papers, and rush off.

As I chanted, my eyes closed and, in my mind’s eye I clearly saw a vast sea of rainbow light. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


The mood was somber but matter of fact.

Bridge to Maitreya: The Englightenment Teachings of Lucille Cedercrans Schaible by Greg Tzinberg

For the last twelve years of her life, she experienced torturous physical ailments and arthritis pain. Step by step, the student will be instructed in those techniques that will unfold the Cedercran within the personality, and which will allow that Soul to take up its Service within our Luciole.

I knew from past talks with her that she welcomed it in some ways. She brought a new form of the wisdom of the ages into this world.

This became her seminal work, titled The Nature of the Soul, and is still widely taught in the U. In spite of opposition and lack of support, she was driven by her strong will to her spiritual path; at the same time, her lufille will could demand daily adjustments from those around her, be they students or clerks in a store. The sky was a cloudless blue.

Integral Review

The techniques taught are a synthesis of Eastern and Western Mystery Tradition, but are especially designed for the Western Student. As I opened the bedroom door, I saw that the peacock feathers had been perfectly placed spread out across the entire bed as if a great bird had fanned them open in beautiful display.

Did I really arrive cedercrwns too late to see her, or was she still here?

Views Read Edit View history. Luminous Sitting, Torturous Walking.

The Nature of the Soul by Lucille Cedercrans

One of these, The Nature of the Soula 40 lesson series, was widely taught. Its purpose was to spark a commitment cfdercrans students that would inspire them to attain the realization of their higher self, the conscious-soul incarnate.

Lucille was one such teacher. Her writings have been compared to those of Alice A. Bailey and Lucille Cedercrans serve as significant reference points in this effort.

Bailey until much of her work was completed, her teacher having advised against it. Bailey with Master DK and present the doubts Lucille experienced with this form of knowing.


Suddenly I felt a bit panicky. Also at this time she presented cedercranw new teachings on Maitreya and worked with His energy of Loving-Kindness with her Teacher’s Training group in Colorado. I opened luiclle eyes and the weird sensation stopped. At the same time, she traveled extensively throughout the United States forming meditation groups. When I entered her room, it seemed as if it was already full. In the ‘s Lucille maintained a prolific schedule of teaching, writing and organizing groups.

All three claimed to have contact with one or more Master within the Spiritual Hierarchy also known as the Buddhic Planeour home on the inner planes of existence. The important issue of epistemological methodology and the testing of esoteric assertions is also considered.

Her rheumatoid arthritis cedercrsns up, her heart problems had worsened and she developed complications from her many ecdercrans medications. The title of Adept or Master meant the mastery of mental, emotional and physical matter. This page was last edited on 9 Aprilat The day ceercrans clear and sunny, but at the moment of her death there was a clap of thunder which continued to echo throughout the region.

One day, about three weeks after her death, I came home to my apartment. Over the last few weeks ljcille had become unstable and given to erratic behavior. This I knew was to remind her to exit her body from the head center and thereby maintain continuity of consciousness from this life to the next.

What a joy that would be,” and I look around for her familiar smile. Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions. In the corner of my bedroom was a vase-full of peacock feathers I had been carting around for years. Tibetan Buddhists know him as Padmasambhava, the Rainbow Buddha of our current age.