Resources. To top. M Series data sheet M 2G User Manual Maestro Version: 1 – File size: . M 2G Maestro Wireless Solutions Maestro Wireless datasheet, inventory, & pricing. M 2G Compact Plug And Play Quad band GSM modem, a perfect solution for demanding M2M applications through the RS interface.

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I can only be entered via local physical port.

Edit address This manual is written without any warranty. Result code “0” means message transferred success, otherwise there is error. Always contact Maestro Wireless or distributor for correct update file and information. Check with your DDNS service provider for correct name. To use Email Sending Service make sure all parameters has been setup properly first: Special GPRS service from network recommended.

Please read note below on using this command.


AT command for email sending 9. In case the modem cannot get terminal response within 26 seconds, maestgo modem will then abort the command, and return intermediate responses if present.


A minimum 1 byte of message has to be sent otherwise will get error.

See further chapters for the explanation of each service. The above information will also be used by Command String email sending service Chapter And now it is incorporated to M 2G. This port can be used either as a voltage input V range or as a current input mA maestrl. Subject and body can be left empty. Up to 3 email bodies with characters max can be stored.

Default value is 1. To use this feature, we strongly suggest to get special GPRS service from your network operator: Valid value is 0 to If you first set trigger value to 2 and reset Counter to 0, then you increment counter by 2, then decrement by 2 and increment by 2 again.

professional GSM/GPRS Maestro M100 2G Modem support at commands

After about 20 seconds M will connect to the Internet automatically. It covers a hardware installation, quick start guide, accessories listing, and troubleshooting details.

If still not successful it will abort.


If the socket connection is unsuccessful or disconnected it will repeat the maeshro request and back to waiting stage.

Setting up EM set 1 with elements: There are total of 5 Alarms can be used. So changing the values by this command will also change the corresponding Command String values at the same time. If it is set to 0 initiates the sending of a TCP frame as soon as possible after the reception of a single character value from the host. Default value is empty.

M 2G – Technical specifications – Maestro Wireless Solutions Ltd.

Page of 31 Go. Following functions are exclusive to each other, i. Possible arguements Defined Values: Due to product limitation the modem cannot detect switching action with period less than ms. Unit is in millisecond. When set as low-to-high triggering and threshold 1 second: