A way of entitlement for managersI read ancient perspicacious Thirukkural two times. Being a student of development management academy I. Study on ancient Tamil didactic verse work, Tirukkur̲al by Tiruvaḷḷuvar. Management Mantras from Thirukkural (Paperback) / Author: S.M. Veerappan / Author: T. Srivasan ; ; Management & management techniques, .

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You are welcome Kiran Kumar and Michael! When my order will arrive?

By generating a surplus for its shareholders, wealth gets created. A development manger should not guide by his intuitive feeling in his organisation and in community. Compassion Oppress not the weak; remember your own fate in stronger hands. Brand Image of an Organization Thirukkural has chapters which are intended for developing and managing kingdoms. In this Kural Thiruvalluvar perspicacious advises to king and ministers to asseverate equity for the benefit of the state.

You are welcome Steven! Tamil is one of the oldest languages still spoken today. The important characteristics of successful project managers are to inspire,lead and deliver. I am going to share some of the lesson which I got from this ancient scripture.


Welcome to My Strokes! This sagacious literature is a way to entitle ourselves with qualities. Restraining anger is important. Thirukkural contains couplets in chapters, each chapter contains 10 couplets. Close When my order will arrive? Thiru means divine and Kural means short verses thurukkural 2 lines with 7 words. Email required Address never made public.

Management Mantras from Thirukkural : S.M. Veerappan :

Intuition plays an important role in the life of a leader. It is about leading others by example. Management is not a position but it is a practice so to enrich in traits we can exercise these mantras in our life for the benefit of ourselves as well as for the people.

Great, thank you for sharing. The poet also mabtras the need to keep upgrading our subject knowledge, so as to do well in our careers. Communication management Word cloud. Thanks for the great posts.

Their personality traits are not the same. So old but so fresh. Choose yours well” — Robin sharma,Writer.

First Mantra: Equity and Impartiality

This book has three main parts, thirukkurak. Jan 3, Management Managers need to be resolute, decisive and action-oriented. The poet also exhorts us to make a hiring choice with due diligence.

Please check on this page for more information on costs and delivery times. Few of such couplets along with quotes related to that by eminent personalities have been portrayed below.


Glad that you liked it. The stalks of water-flowers are proportionate to the depth of water; so is men’s greatness proportionate to their minds – Thirukkural Notify me of new comments via email. Your work is great for understanding value of quotes from Kural by people not knowing tamll language.

Thiruvalluvar, the author of this ancient scripture lived in Tamil Nadu about years old.

You are welcome Gina! Monitoring is not enough at the same time managers should learn from mistakes and develop a mechanism to overcome on mistakes done by the people. References Nambi Agamudai Leadership Leadership is more of an attitude and a way of living and managsment.

Don’t gamble on the future,act now,without delay” — Simone de Beauvoir,W riter.