Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more. Get this from a library! Managing public relations. [James E Grunig; Todd Hunt]. GRUNIG & HUNT’S FOUR MODELS OF PUBLIC RELATIONS. In the book “Managing Public Relations” from James E. Grunig and Todd. Hunt.

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March 6, at I see a lot of this model in higher education, including at my own university.

James E. Grunig

December 14, at The Credit Crunch is as much a PR failure as anything. What is public relations? As for the other models, keep researching. Some even showed a sense of ethics and social responsibility — a desire to act in the public interest although it cut into dividends or executive bonuses.

It seems so, since the PR professional must represent the interests of ALL parties while being paid by only one. August 11, at Very informative and helpful. Differs from the press agentry model through the use of research to find out how best to persuade stakeholders.

Love your honesty and directnessCheers from Ireland. Our students and […]. The Public Information Model. March 6, at 4: Uses press releases and other one-way communication techniques to distribute organizational information. The 2-way symmetrical model casts public relations in the role of mediator versus persuader.


You make a point I may have overlooked. One-way communication is the focus of the public information model. But as I said in the post that follows this one, it may take me a couple of weeks to get the next one published.

Managing Public Relations : Todd T. Hunt :

The person paying the tab is owed our loyalty. November 24, at 8: August 28, at 1: This site uses cookies. The pressure is on. I can see that different components of all four models are implemented in everyday PR practice. What of shareholder relations.

Managing Public Relations

Selling iffy products is bad for PR. Consider this example from Dr. But someone has to try. This is a very helpful website for me in completing my assignment vrunig uni. Organizations today pretty much understand that their existence today depends on the perception of their various public towards them. Press releases, brochures, even static Web content, are tools used by these information dispensers.

Relatoins think you can think of numerous examples of decisions and asymmetrical communication support for them that have had such costly consequences for organizations.


August 11, at 6: After all, social media IS the 2 way model put into practice. Jump over the Bill Sledzik and find […]. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. It is a one-way form of communication. August 20, at 5: This entry was posted on Sunday, August 10th, at 9: The two-way symmetrical model is deemed the most ethical model, one that professionals should aspire to use in their everyday tactics and strategies Simpson, My next post will bring it all together, I hope, when I show how 2-way symmetrical practice and the Cluetrain Manifesto are pretty much one in the same.

That is, you can best advocate for the organization that pays your salary or fees by advising it when it is in its best interest to collaborate with a public.

Do you think the two-way symmetrical model is plausible? Too often, we are lacking in that third category.