I think Mike was selling them, just himself. I should have gotten copies of his books when I had the chance, but his web store is down (he says. Mike Mangini’s Rhythm Knowledge. Front Cover. Mike Mangini, Frank Dolan Bibliographic information. QR code for Mike Mangini’s Rhythm Knowledge. Mike Mangini is a role model for music education. His dedication to understanding all aspects of rhythm and to playing with emotion and confidence is incessant.

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One day could be groups of 11 played at 50 BPM for 90 mins. Mike Mangini Rhythm Knowledge Practice Confusion I remember trying to 90 minutes practice schedule, but it was too knowledgw for me. This would be an example. Mike is looking at manvini in a phrase and lining it up that way. Mike Mangini Rhythm Knowledge Practice Confusion I’m also applying the Rhythm Knowledge method to my practicing, albeit only a few certain pages in the book.

Mike Mangini’s Rhythm Knowledge books : drums

Jeff Almeyda and Eyamsiyu Thank you very much! After that repetiton, I do the same thing, but instead play a baiao foot ostinato underneath for another set at 60bpm. Very informative, and just what I was looking for. Okay, that is my VERY long-winded answer to this question.


If I tried to write that piece out on a chart, I’d have gone insane.


The first one that I make sure is that I’m in the proper mood for practicing. You could do this with doubles, paradiddles, hands, feet From what I recall the concept was to play each individual exercise for 90 minutes. If I don’t get any responses this time around, I’ll leave it. And I repeat that cycle until it gets boring. He finds the common between the two and goes off of that.

Most of the time playing in a metal band, the guitar player would lay down a riff and I would say ‘Okay, 5, I got it’.

Mangini, Mike: Rhythm Knowledge Vol.2

So when looking at permutations, if you are using a 5 beat pattern and a 6 beat pattern, every 5 repetitions of the six the one lines up for both. How exactly is it meant to be played together?

Sorry to bump a thread, but I’d mzngini like some thoughts on this. Send a private message to Elpecs. So if you were playing a 2 and 12, your phrase would be 6 and 1, i. The other is this: Send a private message to whitecatcafe. Again, your time signature knowlede irrelevant and the speed at which you play it is all that matters. I’m not quite sure how Mike meant for that to be applied; for all his intelligence and drumming ability, the books aren’t very well written, nor are they very pragmatic.

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Send a private message to Eyamsiyu.

Some products discussed here may not be available outside the USA. Same with let’s say Find all posts by Jeff Almeyda. This post really requires a bit of familiarity with Mangini’s Rhythm Knowledge I seem to knowledg through this from time to time. Results 1 to 3 of 3.

Mike Mangini Rhythm Knowledge Practice Confusion – DRUMMERWORLD OFFICIAL DISCUSSION FORUM

Again, I’m not Mike and can’t speak for him, but I recommend trying it this way first to see if it makes more sense. Originally Posted by Jeff Almeyda I studied with Mike for some time and he explained it to me as “recording a motion into your muscle memory”. Is he talking of spending this time mastering ONE exercise at a time, or am I looking at this too clinically?

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