Mantissa (Back Bay Books) [John Fowles] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In Mantissa (), a novelist awakes in the hospital with. Serious modern fiction has only one subject: the difficulty of writing serious modern fiction.” So says Fowles’ alter-ego here. And, if that idea was. In Fowles’s latest novel, however, the heroine’s part in this catalytic process is less easy to determine. For in Mantissa Fowles was not content merely.

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I enjoy feeling smart when I read something or am told something. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Sorry everyone, but Mantissa is a collection mantjssa meaningless ramblings, sometimes meandering through the author’s immoral sexual fantasies.

By definition I’m in despair.


Dec 01, Stephen rated it it was ok. It seems Brits of a certain age can write these unobtrusive, non-explicit stage plays, one after another, if they’re less honest than Fowles. In that sense, it is perhaps an ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ of novel-craft, or a Stanislavski-type yarn, a ‘realities-bending’ fiction. Happily, the “meta” part of this meta-novel seems largely subdued. Miles Green wakes up in a hospital bed, apparently afflicted with amnesia; soon a lovely doctor and a sexy nurse are matter-of-factly administering therapeutic sex to the outraged patient.

Bloated with self-importance and self-referential in the most smug way possible. Fowles self-parody; his most comic novel although there aren’t many belly-laughs.


It’s okay but it’s really a bit too playful and whimsical for my tastes to be honest. You can’t have a male brain and intellect as well as a mania for being the universal girlfriend.

Mantissa (novel) – Wikipedia

And, if that idea was an undercurrent in The French Lieutenant’s Woman the time-shift narrative tricks and Daniel Martin the writer-as-tortured-heroFowles is now offering it in undiluted form: Wormholesa book of essays, was published in May Nov 14, Amanda Ure rated it liked it.

This is the furiously powerful mind of Fowles scrutinising the form and subject and process of his novels, his instincts as an artist, and himself within the strange ‘walls’ of fiction. This is like a meta-novel, reflecting on the muses and post-modernism, and I think probably only interesting to John in the moment he mused on muses, and not for long after.

Imagine Steinbeck’s Journal of a Novel written as a fictitious dialogue with himself. Published August 4th by Back Bay Books first published I’m amazed, because I usually find Fowles’s work so engaging.

Mantissa we’re still treated to a lot of nonelucidated namedropping of Greek words, Greek authors, etc. First, it has fully accepted that it is only fiction, can only be fiction, will never be anything but fiction, fowlee therefore has no business at all tampering with real life or reality Apr 17, hilary rated it it was ok Shelves: Of his childhood, Fowles said “I have tried to escape ever since. Let alone post- Mantissa is a novel where a writer ostensibly meets his muse — and this is quite symptomatic fowlee Mantissa is a book in which his muse had left John Fowles.


In late Fowles completed the first draft of The Collector in just four weeks. John Fowles passed away on November 5, after a long illness. All his theories about novel and the historical details about British novelists and poets exceeded my humble knowledge.

Actual literal masturbation over his own characters and prose. Several teaching jobs followed: But that self is also its own bickering spouse, mutually disdainful of the predicament taking place i.

View all 3 comments. Fowles had unaccountably been in England too long, after several early years believing he was somehow Greek. He also wrote the text for several photographic compilations.

It reads like philosophical debate mixed with soft porn mixed with an author trying too hard to make a comment about a society he isn’t pleased with. May 14, Travelin rated it liked it.

Her character changed repeatedly, from a Goth boi to a demur, sensitive young girl.